Japanese Garden
JUMOKUI (Arborist)

JUMOKUI (Arborist)

Scope of work of JUMOKUI(Arborist)* is to diagnosis, recover, protect and cultivate trees.
They diagnose trees, while catching any signals from them which cannot speak.
Our JUMOKUI(Arborists) guide how to handle all the works regarding gardens.


*A JUMOKUI(Arborist) is required to pass a "Japan Greenery Research and Development Center" examination, be qualified and registered as one.
Akihiro Tsukamoto (SATSUKI ZOEN representative) has qualification of JUMOKUI (Arborist).

JUMOKUI (Arborist)



  • treatment in the garden

    Garden Treatments

    We handle treatments of gardens in general. (Pruning, disinfection, fertilization, lawn developments and treatments, etc.)

  • Landscape gardening

    Landscape gardening

    We propose suitable gardening from Japanese gardens to Western-style ones, for lives with abundant green.

  • Exterior


    We also handle outdoor facilities. (Gates, wall, fences, parking lots, bamboo fences and wood decks, etc.)



  • Cherry tree in Muro Temple (Nara)
  • Japanese Garden
  • Japanese Garden
  • Japanese Garden
  • Japanese Garden
  • Japanese Garden

The part of our work. *When a picture is clicked, it expands.


KUROMATSU (Japanese black pine)

  • KUROMATSU (Japanese black pine)
  • KUROMATSU (Japanese black pine)
  • KUROMATSU (Japanese black pine)

Cultivation of garden plants has started somewhere between the Meiji and the Edo Period in Gokenya, Tondabayashi-shi, Osaka area.
In the Showa Period, Skiffing technology has spread over Gokenya area, and we have got to ship KUROMATSU (Japanese black pines) to all over the country as goods.
Since then, KUROMATSU (Japanese black pines) in Gokenya have been said to be one of the best in Japan in reality and in name.



Our company was founded in 1924. We treat gardens through our traditions and skillful techniques.
Our JUMOKUI (Arborists) manage trees, depending on characteristics of each tree.
We recognize the importance of regional and global environment protection deeply, and create residential environment with abundant green.

Company name SATSUKI ZOEN, INC.
Head Office

2-12-12, Gokenya, Tondabayashi-shi, Osaka, 584-0079, Japan
TEL +81-72-365-1218 FAX +81-72-365-3339

Founded 1924
Representative Akihiro Tsukamoto
Description of business Landscape gardening business
Production of a plant and sale
Diagnosis and treatment of a tree
Greenery business
Qualification JUMOKUI (Arborist)
First-Class landscape gardening work operation and management engineer
Second-Class landscape gardening work operation and management engineer
First-Class landscape gardening technicians
Second-Class landscape gardening technicians
Green adviser
Second-Class exterior planner



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